Home on the Bay ~ Fall 2015

In the interest of length, this Home on the Bay will be showcased in three separate posts.

Today’s post will feature exterior work and the interior work done on the floors and windows.

Front of house

Front of house

Work done includes

  • Moving doors: front entry was moved to the location shown in the photo above {previously it was located between the two sets of windows in the center}; this improved the usable living space, creating a large living room and a formal entry room. Garage doors were moved from the wall on the right to another side to reclaim approximately 1/3 of the back yard and improve the traffic flow into the garage from the street.
  • Building a Cedar awning over the front door
  • Installing new windows throughout and
  • Re-shingling the house using white cedar shingles.
Back of house
Back of house

In addition to re-shingling (new siding),  new windows and doors were installed in new locations to improve the symmetry of the building. New exterior lighting was also installed, simple fixtures were chosen.

Back of house ~ detail
Back of house ~ detail

Interior Windows. All new Anderson 400 series. Trim is made of mahogany (outside) for durability, and Poplar on the inside for stability.  Trim was installed in a traditional design giving the house a more formal look.

Interior Floors. Refinish the floors in one section of the house (specified in photos), install new hardwood floors in the other section.

Please be sure to come back on Friday to see the next installment: Kitchen, with several custom design elements, as well as a few of the custom made built-in closet spaces throughout the house.

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