Home on the Bay {part 2} ~ Fall 2015

In our previous post, we highlighted the exterior work done on this house, as well as the work done on the windows and floors.

Here we’ll chat about work that was done in the kitchen/dining room as well as a few custom closets and other custom details.

New kitchen in an expanded space. We added on skylight to balance out the space in the ceiling, installed “semi-custom” cabinets and granite countertop,  new appliances and a new hardwood floor.

The set of closets in the master bedroom  (first picture) were constructed to fit under the eves of the house.

The closet in the other bedroom was built into the space on the wall between the edge of the house on the left and space above the staircase on the right.

Additional items: turned the old mudroom, laundry and mechanical rooms into a working artist studio. Kept the windows and floors, added new lighting.

Interior Home Remodel-29

Custom made trap door to crawl space
Custom made trap door to crawl space


Join us next week as we look at the final portion of this project: the custom details of the bathrooms.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send an email!

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