Arched dormer, copper roof and some roofing comparisons

In this post we shall do a quick walk through of an arched dormer renovation process as well as include a small comparison of various roofing options for this particular project.

Here is the initial condition of the dormer. Wood is rotting, and birds have made their nest.Before

For this particular window a new arched crown moulding was handcrafted by our workers in the shop.



Installation followed on site:


Followed by the installation of a custom made copper roof:

copper roof cover

For this particular project, the shape of the roof limits the options of usable  materials to those which come in sheets and are flexible. (In this case the other options would be rubber or other sheet metals.)
While the cost for a rubber roof verses a copper roof would be significantly less (nearly one-third the cost), the durability of copper is much greater; 16 oz. copper (as in the roof above) will last more than 70 years, while rubber would last in the 12-15 year range.
Other metal options would be:
  • aluminum – more difficult to weld in place
  • lead or zinc coated copper – is more expensive, but could be used where a silver or gray color is preferred; also may be more durable
  • 20 oz copper – more expensive than 16 oz copper both in material cost and in the cost of labor because it is more difficult to work with
  • tin – needs to be treated so it won’t rust

As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

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