Often times on job sites there are leftover or salvaged materials. Below are listed some items we currently have for sale. While these items are always for sale, we usually have a specific Saturday of the month where we open the shop for interested buyers. (Details will be posted in advance here on the blog)

Also, do be sure to check back in here as we’ll be adding items as they come in.

slate/copper display {make an offer}
Doors and Windows
–    Solid wood paneled slab doors (interior / vintage), some are stained, some are painted – lots , {from $20}
–    Exterior glass (insulated) doors {starting around $100}
–    Insulated windows (some used – from $20/some new, never installed – from $100)
–    Cabinet doors – restored, from $100 (minimum) each (one set is $150 each, comes with glass installed)
–    Random (electric)
–    Random
Sinks and light fixtures
–    Random sinks, both cast iron and stainless
–    Recessed can lights for $2 each
–    Nice bar sink
Granite/Glass counter top slabs
–    $20-$50 range
–    flexible gas line
–    Viega pex radiant floor tubing
–    Salvaged lumber/beams
–    Scrap moldings
–    Brosco Columns, two
–    Pine paneling {$1.00 per foot}
–    Old pine bead board

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