Dear friends, neighbors, and customers,

We want to share with you some changes with the company as we move into our next season. The simplest way to say it is that Casa Buena Builders is changing the focus of the projects the company takes on. For most of our history we have worked on residential, private homes for the owners of those homes. We are no longer taking on that kind of work. Instead, the company will focus on two main types of projects:

  1. Partnerships with nonprofit entities to restore, renovate, and build properties. Many of these jobs will have an emphasis on affordable or low-income housing. Previous and current partnerships would include the West Broadway Neighborhood Association, Smith Hill Development Corporation, One Neighborhood Builders, and Neighbor Works Blackstone River Valley.
  2. Window restoration work. The company continues to have skilled employees at window restoration, so we will continue to offer these services to customers who desire them for their business or home. This work also includes the option to purchase new windows from our partners in El Salvador.

Somewhat related to this change in focus will be a change for our founder and owner, Noel Sanchez. Noel is increasingly giving his time to teaching, beginning with a series of courses and programs that have recently been announced by the Providence Preservation Society. If you are interested in learning from Noel how to care for your historic home, you can learn more at

The main functional change here will be in how the company will deal with future inquiries about work. While we will continue to look at and quote both non-profit partnership opportunities and window restoration work, we will no longer work with individual customers on quotes for jobs like home renovations or additions. We will be actively working on developing a list of other qualified professionals to refer potential customers to, particularly including those who have worked with Casa Buena before striking out on their own, but do not have such a referral list ready as yet.

We are thankful to all our loyal customers who have supported Casa Buena Builders through the years. The company will continue in its mission to provide good jobs in the community, to build excellent buildings, and generally serve the city of Providence. We are excited about the next chapter as we move into a new season as a company.

Noel Sanchez and the Casa Buena Team

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